National Institute for Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease Research

Historically the largest domestic project of this type, it brings together five centres of scientific, research and clinical excellence

Teams of experts will work together to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of these interlinked diseases, to develop new drugs and to make modern technologies more involved in treatment.


The collaboration combines experimental, preclinical, translational and clinical research on the cardiovascular system with selected aspects of metabolic research.

The second Offsite Meeting of the CarDia project

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The first Offsite Meeting of the CarDia project for project researchers took place in Brno

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Spolupráce kombinuje experimentální, preklinický, translační a klinický výzkum nervového a kardiovaskulárního systému s vybranými aspekty výzkumu metabolismu.

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The second Offsite Meeting of the CarDia project

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About project

Each participating institution will work with others to address challenges that should lead to more effective management of the "epidemic" of civilisation diseases, in particular through:

  • a deeper understanding of the common causes of closely related diseases
  • faster and more efficient testing of the efficacy and safety of new drugs
  • patient involvement in the latest studies
  • better use of modern technologies in treatment
  • opportunities for young scientists and doctors
  • and more effective prevention programmes

The National Institute for Research on Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases is funded by the "Programme for Supporting Excellent Research in Priority Areas of Public Interest in Health -EXCELES", which is funded by the European Union through the EU's Next Generation Recovery and Resilience Facility. The project registration number is LX22NPO5104.

Disease research

We focus on experimental, preclinical, translational and clinical research on diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Prestižní publikace

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